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Why Should I Pressure Wash My Sidewalk?


2 years ago

Minneapolis St Paul has a bustling downtown that is a wonderful place to walk. The sidewalk system is endless and can take you anywhere. There are countless parks, lakes, and suburban cities outside of the downtown areas where you can walk the sidewalks and walking trails. Besides the city sidewalks, we’ve all got our sidewalks from the street or driveway to our front doors. In Minneapolis St Paul, the trees, plants, lakes, and other environmental factors add another level of grime that will require cleaning so that your sidewalks will last for years and not become a safety hazard as they age. Keeping your sidewalk maintained in the Spring or fall will ensure that there aren’t any hidden issues when the snow gets deeper in the winter.  

Sidewalks receive a lot of foot traffic, as is their primary purpose! While it is evident that your sidewalk will be more heavily trafficked, it also means that they can get dirtier much easier and potentially reduce your home or business’s curb appeal. Pressure washing your sidewalk is a great option to clean your sidewalks, but it’s actually about more than simple aesthetics. Discover why you should pressure wash your sidewalks regularly.

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The Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Sidewalk

Pressure washing is an inexpensive way to boost your curb appeal and keep your sidewalk in its best shape. In only a few short hours, you can take your stained sidewalk from drab to looking brand new! 

Though pressure washing your sidewalk will leave it cleaner and therefore looking nicer, that isn’t the only reason to do it! Dirty sidewalks may have a build-up of mold or mildew, which can cause injuries from slipping falling. It’s also a good idea to get rid of mold near your house, as you don’t want it getting too close to or possibly spreading into your home or ducts.

Additionally, stains can weaken the surface of your sidewalk, so washing off the materials that have embedded into its surface will help your sidewalk last longer and look better. 

How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Sidewalk?

Pressure washing provides deep cleaning and penetration into your sidewalk. It can clean off a lot of environmental build-ups that have accumulated onto the sidewalk.  You don’t have to pressure wash as your main form of cleaning as often, it’s still a good idea to have this done on a semi-regular basis so that your build-up doesn’t become too much to clean at once. Sidewalk pressure washing also allows you to check for cracks and problems that need to be addressed before becoming a bigger problem to deal with. 

How to Pressure Walk Different Types of Sidewalks

Not all sidewalks are created equally! Whether made of concrete, stone, brick, or another material, the way that you will need to pressure wash your sidewalk may differ. Certain materials are stronger than others, so you mustn’t use too much power on specific sidewalks that may chip or crack it the surfaces. 

Something else to be aware of, especially with stone or brick sidewalks, is that space in between, such as dirt or sand, could be ruined if you do not use a pressure washer correctly with it. This is a potential DIY hazard, as the sand or dirt here serves a purpose other than looking nice along with your stone or other material. If this sand or dirt base gets pressure washed away, the bricks or stones will no longer be securely in place. This can cause your sidewalk to shift and possibly sink, causing an uneven sidewalk and a future danger for trips and falls. 

Why Hire Professionals to Pressure Wash Your Sidewalks

Pressure washing professionals like Squeegee Squad Minneapolis St Paul know how to handle your specific sidewalk to pressure wash it effectively. Someone who lacks training in pressure washing can potentially visibly damage their sidewalk in the form of pitting, lines, or general surface degradation. You also must know how to properly handle a pressure washer to not damage your sidewalk by using too much pressure. Hiring a professional pressure washing crew will also save you time because they can handle the pressure washing project quickly and efficiently, leaving you free to do other chores or relax. 

Certain stains such as rust, leaching, and efflorescence may be challenging to remove. With our professional training and supplies, we effectively use environmentally friendly cleaners to remove rust and other stains (upon request). Using the appropriate pressure washing techniques and the proper application of the solution allows us to clean a wide variety of organic and chemical stains. 

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